Corporate Governance

Company's Policies

1. Whistle-blowing Policy
The Corporation investigates all complaints fairly and will ensure that the complainant and/or his identity are protected.

2. Conflict of Interest Policy
Directors should ensure that their personal interests do not conflict with those of the Corporation. He should avoid situations that may compromise his impartiality. Any actual or potential conflict of interest should be fully and immediately disclosed and the director concerned should refrain from participating in the decision-making process.

3. Insider Trading
Directors are committed to complying with all laws, rules and regulations including those related to insider information.

4. Related Party Transactions
Related party transactions, while discouraged, are not prohibited fro so long as they are negotiated and entered into under conditions equivalent to those prevailing in an arm’s length transaction.

5. Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees
While the Corporation currently has no regular employees, in the future, it would give importance to their safety, health and welfare. The Corporation would provide a safe working environment with health and medical benefits and ensure that the employees’ working hours are reasonable. The Corporation would likewise provide training and development programs in the employees’ respective fields on an “as needed” basis.