Press Release - November 6, 2019
"Nominations to the Board"

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"Firm reports P1-B 'zero-bribe' lot sale" by: Federico D. Pascual, Jr.

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"That Araneta Again" by: Victor Agustin

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"SEC: a watchdog"

PHC, April 1, 2015
"Inter-agency courtesy"

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Bankers lose, lawyers win

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BPI's delaying tactics

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It's still a bribe whether before or after the deed

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SC orders return of P700-M 'loot'

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SC finally settles Philcomsat feud

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Philcomsat says no to PCGG returning

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PCGG chair is under probe

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Senate report on PCGG 'mismanagement' upheld

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Fair warnings to VIPs with arrest warrants

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Incidental Intelligence

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Enrique Locsin arrested

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Plunder by PCGG

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Illegal annotation

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PCGG's arbitrary acts.

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2 former Philcomsat execs charged with graft

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A matter of 'when' and not 'if'

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A lot of explaining to do

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PCGG's mumbo jumbo

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Recovered wealth lifts sequestration

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Andy Bautista and core values

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Incidental Intelligence

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Postscript - Abcede case

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PCGG is also unconstitutional

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PCGG bled Philcomsat dry

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The PCGG must go

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PCGG empire builder bypasses De Lima

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PCGG eyeing return to looted companies

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PHC writes off P600M 'toxic,' missing assets

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Philcomsat branches out into property dev't

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Philcomsat Holdings to raise funds via share sale

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Philcomsat set to venture into property dev't

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Philcomsat eyes revival of businesses

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Grilling Gigi

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Montinola: 'We simply followed court orders'

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Montinola can't shake off tough Makati magistrate

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Philcomsat Holdings' future

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Montinola dodges Makati magistrate

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BPI executive told to explain huge Philcomsat withdrawals

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Courts must tell banks, corporate raiders to pay

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Enriles go after Montinola

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Montemar club's stink jolts owners, members

Sen JPE's Privilege Speech "Alibaba + 40 Thieves"

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Locsin loses legitimacy battle

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Locsin group suit vs. telco junked

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PCGG finally drops Philcomsat: It's broke

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Philcomsat shares given to PMO

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PCGG upholds election of new gov't nominees in Philcomsat

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'Cash Cow' gang runs call center to the ground

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PCGG fund scandals keep haunting Sabio

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Who is Veronica Nepomuceno?

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Sandigan asks: What P2M PR fund?

Philippine DAILY INQUIRER, December 17, 2007
Makati court freezes funds of PHC

November 19, 2007
Statement by the Poblador Family

November 13, 2007
The desire letter of the President for the gov't directors to Philcomsat

November 13, 2007
The proxy held by Usec. Enrique Perez

November 18, 2007
The letter from Usec. Enrique Perez to PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio

The Philippine STAR, November 20, 2007
Philcomsat owners agree on unified board of directors

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Malacanang replaces Philcomsat nominees

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Gov't boots out PCGG nominees in Philcomsat

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Philcomsat shareholders seek new gov't nominees

MANILA BULLETIN, November 16, 2007
Responsible Philcomsat nominees sought

MALAYA, August 3, 2007
Dismissal of CA justice sought

MALAYA, July 27, 2007
More telecom execs summoned on P2M 'bribe'

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Questionable deal? Blame Alzheimer's

MALAYA, July 17, 2007
Philcomsat Holdings prexy is mentally unfit; name used in 'looting' company

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Controversial PCGG official out of Philcomsat

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Sabio replaces Abcede as Philcomsat head

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PCGG man in ill-gotten car case is dismissed

The Philippine STAR, July 1, 2007

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Senate Committee Report 312

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GMA extends revamp to appointees of sequestered coporations

Malaya, June 25, 2007
Senate Commitee Report No. 312 Adopted by the Plenary June 7, 2007

The Philippine STAR, June 19, 2007
President can't ignore looting of PHILCOMSAT

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Senate panel seeks overhaul of PCGG

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PCGG shows deboning skill at Philcomsat

The Daily Tribune, June 14, 2007
PCGG asked to account for 20 years of plunder

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Philcomsat squeezed dry by nominees - Senate report

INQUIRER, June 8, 2007
Prosecution of PCGG men in PHILCOMSAT board sought

MALAYA, June 8, 2007
Senate: Sack gov't men in telecom firms

April 27, 2007
The TRO to stop the real owners from taking over PHILCOMSAT HOLDINGS is TOO late and was obtained by FORUM SHOPPING